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Veteran of the Game (2013-14 Season)
Date Name Rank Military Branch
Sept. 27th Efrain Ocasio Staff Sergeant Army
Oct. 5th Patrick Kane Sergeant Army & National Guard
Oct. 8th Matthew Poulin Corporal Marine Corps.
Oct. 15th Daniel Trower Gunnery Sergeant Marine Corps.
Oct. 17th Solomon Melchizedek Sergeant 1st Class Army
Oct. 19th Michael Ferraro Staff Sergeant Army
Oct. 22nd Levi Miller Sergeant Army
Oct. 26th Nicholas Meyer Staff Sergeant Air Force
Oct. 29th Matthew Infante Technical Sergeant NY Air National Guard
Nov. 2nd Luis Torres Staff Sergeant Army
Nov. 12th Joshua Crowell Sergeant 1st Class Army
Nov.14th David Xavier Petty Officer 1st Class Coast Guard
Nov. 16th Nicholas Dudyshyn Private 1st Class Army
Nov. 27th Michael Zervos Sergeant Army
Nov. 29th Scott Haughney Specialist Army
Nov. 30th Ben Harrow Captain Army
Dec. 3rd Dominick Battaglia Private 1st Class Army
Dec.14th Adrian Seda & Calvin Seda Gunnery Sergeant/Sergeant Marine Corps
Dec.17th Jacob Weltsch Sergeant 1st Class Army
Dec. 21st Ken Socci Specialist Army
Dec. 28th Derek Bishop Technical Sergeant Air Force
Jan. 2nd Doug Jackson Lieutenant Colonel Air Force
Jan. 4th Aaron Eberly Sergeant Army
Jan. 6th Luci Terenin Senior Airman Air Force
Jan. 20th Joseph Padovano Corporal Marine Corps.
Jan. 23rd Bryant Swink Master Sergeant Army
Jan. 25th Gregory De La Rosa Technical Sergeant Air Force
Jan. 27th Ken Schroder Lieutenant Colonel Army
Jan. 29th* Mark Kosisky Staff Sergeant Army
Feb. 6th Marc Medina Staff Sergeant Army
Feb. 8th Duane Susi Major NY Air National Guard
Feb. 27th Erik Martinez Specialist Army
Mar. 1st Adam Baumel Logistic Specialist US Navy
Mar. 14th Sam O'Hern Chief Warrant Officer US Navy
Mar. 15th Matthew Berrell Staff Sergeant Air Force
Mar. 18th David Carmichael Staff Sergeant Army
Mar. 23rd Matthew Coon Sergeant Marine Corps.
Mar. 29th Michael Calonita Petty Officer 2nd Class US Navy
Apr. 1st Paul Lalanne Petty Officer 2nd Class US Navy
Apr. 5th Chester Wakie Master Sergeant Army
Apr. 8th Shawn Phillips Sergeant Air Force